In this video I am giving a guide to buying your first tieks ballet recommendations, opinion and review on how to decide and buy your very first Tieks ballet flats by Gavrieli. I love Tieks and have been wearing them for more than 3 years. My friends always ask me for my opinion and advise on buying their TIEKS. I hope my tips and recommendations in this video can help you in your 1st ever Tieks purchase. They are so beautiful very comfortable to walk and travel with, they are so much worth the price and not to mention it is Oprah's favorite Ballet Flat! It is always hard to pick the first pair of Tieks shoes, so many to choose from, what color, style, size to pick? I have read many Tieks reviews before buying my first pair of Tieks and I feel if I were to buy my first tieks again, I would need this type of guide, advise and recommendations that I mentioned in my video. Tieks flats are very comfortable to travel with, they are considered to be comfortable travel shoes. I travel to Europe 2 years ago and wear my tieks for 3 weeks straight with no pain at all with my feet.They are also good for walking long distance. Which Tieks are you thinking to buy? and why did you pick this color and style? I like to hear all about it in the comment below:) If you have any Questions? Please leave them below Other interesting videos you might like to watch: Life-Changing Experience --NO GUILT HEALTHY CRISPY POTATOES USING BREVILLE AIR FRYER. EASY, SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS Breville Smart oven Air Fryer Comparison between Zwilling Gourmet knife Set and Wusthof Gourmet knife set Breville Smart oven Air Fryer BREVILLE SMART OVEN AIR FRYER- Which one is the BETTER CHOICE for you? SIDE BY SIDE comparison. Thank you so much for watching 🙏🦋 If you have enjoyed my video, don't forget to share the "LOVE" and give it a thumbs up and also I hope you'll consider subscribing to my channel. #Tieks, #firstpairoftieks, #tieksreview#tieksgirl Love, xx Saver The Moment

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